Foundation Design

Ryder are specialists in all aspects of foundation design and development.

  • Basis of design development with guidance on selecting the optimum foundation solution for a given set of conditions.
  • Preliminary and detailed geotechnical design of shallow and deep foundations, including skirted mudmats, driven tubular piles, suction installed piles, and drilled/driven tubular piles.
  • Familiar with the requirements of the majority of regulatory specifications, e.g. ABS, API, ISO, and DNV and can provide guidance on the most appropriate application
  • Skirt penetration assessment for shallow bearing foundations.
  • Penetration resistance of suction installed piles, with calculation of critical underpressures and overpressures for installation and extraction.
  • Pile driving assessment considering up to date recommendations on calculation of resistance, and carried out using GRL WEAP, including pile stresses and accelerations.
  • Pile driving hammer recommendations and efficiency optimisation
  • Recommendations and design of installation support requirements, e.g. pile driving support frames
  • Back analysis of installation data to allow an estimate of the given capacity of an installed foundation
Foundation Design
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