Hadrian Cloud Services

Speed up the analysis of your Geotechnical Data with Ryder's Hadrian Cloud Service.

Professional analytical visualisations for your project requirements. Streamline your offshore construction projects and surveys and start making responsive data driven design decision.

Interact effortlessly with your geotechnical data

Geographical Filter
Filter geographically using maps to drill down on locations or select multiple points to assess zones of interest.

Data Interaction
Interact by hovering over or dragging over an area of interest. Reactive pops-up will show detailed data.

Derived Parameters
Derived parameters can be automatically generated to deliver more value adding insights beyond what is provided within the AGS file.

Geotechnical insights with no hassle

Designed for and built by Engineers
We use our extensive experience in offshore geotechnics to turn raw data into tools that enable your team to make better design decisions.

No learning curve
Hadrian is intuitive. There is no need for expensive training or hundreds of features your team doesn’t use. Users can focus on mastering the ground conditions, not complex software.

Leverage the cloud
Leverage the cloud using Tekmar Group’s extensive infrastructure and skills to reduce the time taken when handling large the data sets.

No updates or large downloads
The beauty of the web is that we can handle improvements and feature updates on our side. You can trust that you’ll always be working on the most up-to-date and secure system.


Save Time

Reduce the time required to QC your AGS data and start making informed decision.

Ease of use

Intuitive controls to make accessing and querying your data effortless.

Access Anywhere

Gain insights wherever there’s an internet connection.

Bespoke Offering

Customised tools to cut waste and provide exactly what you need.

Expert Support

No call centre operatives just quick access to geotechnical engineers.

Technical Insight

Leveraging Ryder’s wealth of geotechnical experience to deliver in-depth analysis

Security and protection

Hadrian uses an industry leading encrypted authentication service to handle user logins and access to your data. Security extends to individual users and projects which are managed separately to ensure only those with permission can view data they have been authorised to.

All project files both uploads and downloads have a full audit trail so both parties can have trust and confidence that documents and requests have been received. 

Backed up
All data for the dashboards is stored separately from the main web application and within a secure cloud server – providing an additional layer of protection and the peace of mind that everything is backed up.