Jack Up Analysis

Ryder perform full geotechnical appraisals of jack up sites.

  • Geohazard assessment
  • Spudcan penetration and extraction assessment​
  • Stability analysis​
  • Consideration has been given to recent advancements in the assessment of spudcan leg penetration after published research using advanced centrifuge and numerical modelling
  • The assessment uses the load spread method which determines the bearing capacity at depths below the spudcan, limited by the punch through potential of underlying soils
  • Carried out using JUPA, in-house propriety software written in accordance with ISO 19905-1:2016
Numerous risks are considered as part of the assessment:
  • Scour
  • Historical penetrations
  • Bathymetry
  • Data suitability
  • Partial penetration
  • Punch through
  • Hang up
  • Scour induced punch through
  • Extraction
With recommendations on mitigation measures as required:
  • Alternate location
  • Reduction in Preload
  • Operate in weather restricted mode with ‘cut and run’ approach
  • Jetting
  • Ground improvement, e.g. stomping
  • Spudcan modifications
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Jack Up Analysis​
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